October 1, 2016 to October 31st, 2016

The School of Physics and Astronomy wants to support the Community Fund Drive by creating fun activities so that together we can make a difference while also meeting the UMN fund drive goals and increasing the Schools participation rate to 30% or higher!

Come to the events to increase the schools participation rate and donate to the wonderful community causes below!

Scheduled Activities

 Kick-Off Breakfast
Date: Monday October 10th
Location: PAN Atrium and PAN 110
Time: 9a-10:00a
Pancakes, Donuts, and Coffee will be provided to kick-off the departmental events to support the Community Fund Drive

Date: Wednesday October 26th
Location: PAN Atrium
Time: Noon
A free-will donation is requested, or, you can bring a Halloween or international sweet treat to share.

Particle Collector Wars
starting Oct 3rd -  ends Oct 28
Collectors can be found in PAN 250, McNamara 160, Williamson 145, Fraser 345, and WBOB 130. Pennies help your collector to increase their total while silver coins will count against you. Stop by all of the locations to slow down your competitors!

Click to visit the official UMN 2016 Community Fund drive
The Community Fund Drive is the University of Minnesota’s annual charitable giving campaign where employees give to the causes they care about—ending hunger, curing diseases, helping students pay their college tuition, preserving the environment, sheltering the homeless, or supporting the arts.